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HIPPA Agreement

Please read the following statement indicating that you are aware of HIPPA regulations and that you will only send de-identified patient ultrasound images to the program website:

"I am aware of, and will comply with the requirement to only transmit ultrasound images of patients that have had all identifying information removed. I understand that failure to remove patient identifiers prior to transmission of ultrasound images would be a violation of HIPPA rules. I am aware that failure to comply with HIPAA can result in civil and criminal penalties (42 USC § 1320d-5)."

Participation Agreement

Please read the following statements about program participation:

Participation Agreement #1: "I understand that all of the ultrasound images that I upload to USSONAR must have been obtained by me, and that uploading ultrasound images obtained by anyone other than me is sufficient ground for exclusion from the program."

Participation Agreement #2: “I agree to participate in the full educational program including the web-based virtual hands-on workshop and final examination. It is my responsibility to recruit a healthy volunteer to scan all of the joint regions covered in the USSONAR program for both of these sessions, and I will not graduate from the program without this. As part of this process I agree to mail the ultrasound equipment lent to me by insured, overnight mail back to USSONAR on the next business day following completion of use of the equipment.” 

Participation Agreement #3: "I understand that I will receive a certificate of completion following the final exam, confirming the number of complete scans I uploaded over the year, but that the exam will not result in any official credentialing in musculoskeletal ultrasound."

I consent to the program sharing my name and email address with a limited number of industry companies as part of the Fundamentals exhibitor program (Leave unchecked if you do not wish for your information to be shared)

Terms of Use Agreement

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Click here to read the Terms of Use agreement required for program participation.